Monday, February 21, 2011

2 changes I want in firefox 4

Last time i wrote about2 lesser known firefox add-ons. This time i will talk about 2 changes i want to see in the version 4.
I know that Firefox beta 12 is about to be released but these are very minor changes and can be done easily.

 The first and foremost is:"Making the Donot Track feature enabled by default"
Everyone is talking about firefox 4 having a donot track option for the sites but we don't know that the feature is by default disabled!
I would like to ask the firefox team that why have you kept the feature of this stature disabled by default. We all know how much we care about the default settings.Mozilla shouldn't think everyone will try and play with such technical aspects of browser.

  The second one is:"Keep Google as default search engine"

After using chrome for a month or so, i was used to writing everything in the omnibox(address bar) and when i typed in a search query, BOOM! bing search result! I was shocked and at first thought that it was because of some add-on but eventually came to know that Mozilla had changed the default search engine to Bing! Why Mozilla why?? Google is so reliable and loved!

I request Mozilla people to make these changes. Google is much better than Bing and unless don't track pages isn't made default, it will be unused and will fail to get the required acknowledgement.
Hope this page reaches to atleast one person who can do something

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 lessser known firefox features

I assume that you all know what firefox is(u have to be highly ignorant for contrary!).
We all know that firefox and browsers in general are feature rich.Most of the useful ones are by default activated but I don't know why some aren't! I am writing about 2 of them in this post.

The first one is 'Search  as you type'
 For finding some text in browsers, we need to first press Ctrl+F and then type the text.
  Firefox has an inbuilt but by default deactivated feature to search without having to type Ctrl+F. Useful isn't it?
  You can activate it from:
 Tools → Options → Advanced → General → Search for text when I start typing
Here is the link for the Mozilla page on it

The other one is 'smooth Scrolling'
This feature might not produce a quite significant difference to the usefulness of firefox but gives an aesthetic feeling while using it.
As it's name suggests it will smooth the scrolling process to make it feel better. Though not productive it is worth a try and hence should be made a default setting
To turn it on try these steps:
Tools → Options → Advanced → General → 'Use Smooth Scrolling'
Hope you will like using the features.Will join you with more features soon.