Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old game new interface

   Since last week or so I had a strange craving to play the games that I used to play when I was in school. Those were all small and short games unlike the Most Wanteds or the Counter Strikes and all. Surprisingly, the only long running game that I used to play was Age Of Empires-II. A single regicide match would last for 15+ hours but not in a single stretch ofcourse.
   Now, coming back to the point, ever seen an alcoholic when he is unable to get alcohol? Well, that was my condition when I realised that I had lost the CD in which the games were there! What now??
   *LightBulb!* I suddenly remembered I had already developed the mobile version of Battleship! Why not a mobile version of one of these games? So I started testing my memory to check how much of what game did I remember. Eventually, I ended up deciding to make the mobile version of the K-tour a simple chess board based game. You have to move your knight on all 64 squares of the chess board without repeating at any location.
    Simple to make, I coded it in very little time. I hated my code when I looked at it because it had too many conditions, well to help me out there, my friend simplified the checking algorithm and hence helped me(Felt it worth mentioning).
   Anyways, there was no point in simply doing what I had already played and also there was no point in changing the game play as that would beat the purpose of recreation. Solution?? Change the interface. Added a few tweaks here and there and well, the app was ready!
  Will post it on Open World soon! Till then stay tuned to this space for updates and more posts!