Wednesday, April 13, 2011

High Quality Pages Algorithm:Google becomes more strict

  We know that Google consistently strives to give it's users better search results(why else would we use it?). Recently it launched a +1 button. And now it has launched a high quality pages algorithm . Some feel that this move is a reflecion of block sites chrome extension. Especially given that 85% of the black list is same as that of  the extension.
Why need such an algorithm?
  We are all aware of the presence of spammer sites, sites having copied content and the phishing sites.Its best that we donot get such sites in our search results. Hence Google is constantly striving to refine it's search results. The +1 service had been launched some time back, but it was just for social searches.Also it felt a bit manipulatable. Hence such an algorithm to get rid of so called 'Content Farming' websites.

What are high quality site?
 Here is a Google guideline as to what is a good quality site.All in all we can say that if a site is anyways trying to steal your data, cloaks link or has deceptive or a manipulative behaviour, then you are degrading the quality of your site. Also you better not spam through your website.

Is this algorithm powerful?
  Well, given the fact that it has been created by Google, says it all doesn't it? During the testing period, 2% of overall search queries were affected in the US. The percentage may seem small but given the number of daily search queries on Google, we can definitely say that a large number of sites will have been hit.

Will my site be affected?
 It all depends on your sites performance on Google's quality test.One thing though, don't think that your site can be manually be removed from the filter coz the system is currently fully automated and I think only if there will be negative responses, will Google think of manually adding exceptions. Till then, give your users something to love.Also make sure you go through Google's manual of good quality sites!Time to be obedient students to a strict teacher.

This service has been released just in US so far but will come to other English speaking users soon. Lastly, here is a list of all the sites affected by Googles algorithm ,for people who still believe that their site can beat it :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One wrong click and all my files gone!

   Currently I am working on an application for syncing folders(yeah I know its a common app,but it's a useful one!).I as usual started could not compile the code in the first time coz of some syntax errors but what followed next was more horrific(for me) and enjoyable(for some).
   In my code I instead of copying the file, wrote the command for moving the file.Now, for the command we need to give a name for the output file. As this is a sync app, I need to give the same name to the output file.Hence, there came a villain named extractname(). It extracted the name Ok but it gave the name in the reverse order! Hence beads.c became c.sdaeb! Also, I forgot to add another '\' at the end of the folder name.
  But, this was a logical error and not a syntax error so it passed without any trouble till I ran it. While running it, I thought that there would not be a major problem and hence selected a not so important folder as the source and a new folder as destination.
  But, fate had something else in mind! Not only did all my files move out of the folder but as I had forgotten to put the extra '\' in place, they all went to the wrong folder and it's not over yet. The files were named like testc.sdaebs and testc.xiptas .I was stunned, confuse and angry over myself. Thankfully, after some debugging I came to know about the horrific mistake I made. Now I have renamed the files and they are at the right places. Also the code is corrected and the basic version of my app is ready.Now some more functionality and the app will be completely ready!