My Stuff

I am currently contributing to Getting Things Gnome! an open source to do list manager for GNOME users. By far the best I have seen. Here, I have worked on bugs related to the implementation of date structure of the software, cli interface of the application "gtcli" and some other small bugs.

These are some other things that I have worked on:
cenv: It is a environment creation tool. It is basically used to take a bunch of tasks that you perform together on your computer and turn them into a single command. It is created for Linux but if required can be easily ported to windows environment. It is an open source project hosted on Launchpad. Here is the link: There is a further scope of improvement in the application and I welcome others to contribute to the code.

Summer research internship. I worked on a project titled "Secure data aggregation and Intrusion detection system for wireless sensor networks". As a part of this project I had to implement Benaloh cryptosystem on wireless sensor networks and then do several kinds of performance and security analysis. Comparing my result to that of a research paper that I had earlier found: my implementation was 5 times faster with 1.1 times less space requirements

All the stuff that I make is open source and hence I have uploaded it to the page:

More projects will be coming soon.
Some ideas in the incubator:
Tab Macros for chrome : Create a macro for a set of tabs you open together always
Twitter Sorter: sorts your tweets by categories like friends, colleagues etc

It may happen that some of these projects may not end up seeing the light of the day, so you are welcome to make them yourselves also.