Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first C# project

I was very keen on jumping from writing console applications to applications having a better user-interface and being able to handle events such as a mouse-click. So I jumped over to C#. The guide that i was using turned out to be incorrect one and created a lot of confusion. But in the end I was atleast able to understand how to make a form(interface) and how to handle events.
So, I started meddling with things on my own.For starters I thought of an application that took some input and gave a corresponding output based on some formula . This, led to the project I am talking about.
Last year I had made a program that calculated the 'Daily Breathing Loss' based on a given formula. I just had to take the inputs,use a formula and print the output. Easy isn't it? So, I thought that I could use the code to explain how a simple C# program is made. Coders in VB might find it similar. I have attached, the .zip file and the.rar file. You can download as per your wish. In this code, I have not included any extra header file and have used the default template of the Visual Studio 2008 C# programs.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Innovative Ideas

The Chinese are famous for their innovative ideas.But, they lack in the quality of products. But what to expect when the Chinese ideas meet with the Finnish quality?Well its the 'plug and touch technology' from the Nokia research Center at Beijing.
  What is 'plug and touch'? Well, how does your Plasma TV acting as your N8 sound to you! ? Interesting isn't it? It is a simple yet powerful app. Basically you have to connect your N8 to your TV using the HDMI cable and keep your phone such that the camera is facing your TV. The display of your TV will turn into a large N8. Now you can touch or scroll in your TV instead of your phone.I haven't yet got a chance to try it out. (Don't even expect that from me.!) But what I saw on TV suggests that the app still lacks in accuracy and is a bit less responsive, but the innovation is what matters doesn't it?Nokia says that the application is a prototype for a 3D interface for mobiles.
   The technology may sound futuristic but I wonder why we would want to interact with our phones using TV when our phones already have touch interface? Also, the need of 3D interface for phones is doubtful.
  Having said that I would also like to add that the 3D interface can be used to interact with some other device,like scientists can easily make and modify their designs this way rather than making them on AutoCAD or such softwares.
  I would like to say that the application can have huge success , given that the Espoos donot limit it to mobile phones.
This is the link for the Nokia's blog on the technology.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speed Dial on Firefox!

Chrome and Opera users will be aware of the speed dial feature so that you can save time by directly selecting the site of your choice from the speed-dial list.
But what about the firefox and internet explorer users? Okay we have, add-ons but why download add-ons if you can easily make a html code for that. I have attached a file below that contains the code.
The code is simple to understand and if you don't know what the target="_newtab"is that it opens the links in new tabs or new-windows as your browser interprets them. My Firefox 3.6.8 opens them in new tab while the Internet Explorer opens them in new window.But problem in Firefox is that if you have opened a tab by clicking on a link, clicking on a different link will open the link in the same tab as the previous and hence overwriting the already open link.On the other hand in Internet Explorer, the code makes the link to open in new window. I am trying to solve both the problems and will post an update ASAP.
Here is the link for the code.
After creating the code you must remember to rename the extension of the page to ' .html '(How else will it be a webpage!? ;) )Well to set the page as webpage as home-page you have to  do the following steps:

Firefox : Tools->Options and in the homepage box enter the location of the webpage
                             for e.g:file:///D:/html/homepage.html
                          Click on Save. Your home page will be displayed when you restart your browser.

Internet Explorer: Tools->Internet Options-> enter the location in the homepage section
                                                for e.g: file:///D:/html/homepage.html
                         Click on OK. Your home page will be displayed when you restart your browser.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Linux deserves more?

  Okay we have all heard that the Linux has a lot of cool features but still the Linux distributions have a small share in the OS market. Why is it so?
   The main reason is the marketing skills of Microsoft. Microsoft through it's great marketing skills has reduced the share of all other OSs to a minimal amount. Apple has retained the share of Mac OS through its high class products. On the other end we rarely see anyone marketing Sabaoyon or Ubuntu.
    Also, same is the case for the famous computer games. A few games have now come on the MAC OS but has anyone played Halo in Ubuntu! ? We only get to play the games developed by the OS development team,  which are no ways as glamorous as the games designed for Windows. This leaves out all the potential and hard-core gamers from the Linux users community.
    Coming to the user experience factor, though we can make many configurations in Linux, many of them are useless for the average users.As a result they underachieve.Also  the user interface of the Linux distributions is of lower grade(considering the beauty) compared to Windows counterparts of the same time period. Linux allows us to customize as much as possible but the fact is that we are now so lazy that we dont even bother to look into all those features. Again, Linux is underutilized.
    One of the reasons that Linux users community is limited to developers and geeks is the confusion " which distro is good for me?". All Linux distros have some or other good and bad points. I personally find Sabayon to be the best as it has a beautiful interface plus the only Linux distro which has the most entertaining game of all. Also it has many more interesting features. It does at the cost of storage space(Sabayon 5: 4.38 GB  when installed on my virtual machine).
  In the end I can say that Linux is an under-utilized OS and should be certainly tried out,if not installed then at least on a virtual machine. If u get any interest, here are some links for downloading some Linux distros:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Firefox 4 beta review

Firefox 4's new beta (no.6) has been released and the firefox team has got enough time to correct all it's glitches.  Here is what i think about the new release:

The design seems to be inspired from Opera browser though the speed fails to inspire them.

For me the most important thing is the absence of support to save webpages as .mht format. Those of you who do not know the .mht format, it is a format of webpage where your entire webpage is saved as a single file and you donot need any other folder to contain the files.Isnt it intimidating?

A noticable feature is that of option to 'switch to tab using smart location bar'.
It is not a big deal or something  that forces you to download and install the new beta. It only notifies lets to switch to an already open tab having the same address that you want to visit.

A feature that is intelligent is the merger of the reload and stop buttons.
Now this is somehing smart as you are never going to reload a page before it's loading is  stopped. You have to give this to the mozilla team.

Apart from the above features, there is a support for WebM, new html5 tags, css3 though not completely flawless.

Firefox stresses on the hsts protocol support, this is what i got when i tried loading google using it! 

All in all, the design looks good but the responsiveness and speed of  firefox 3.6.8 is still better than 4
and lets hope to get a .mht file saving support in the later releases.

Aggressive Corporate Rivalry resurfaces

Well, you might be aware of the internet explorer v/s netscape navigator and the aggressiveness in the competition(it also featured in one of the discovery shows).

This time it is Nokia and HTC. Nokia had a press event planned in London from months in advance and HTC held an event within weeks at the same place. The mobile phone giant did not take it nicely and hit a nasty blow.
Nokia sent a few people to stand infront of the venue and hold red balloons saying" We know where we are, thanks to the Nokia's OVI maps". Creating a scene aren't they?
Actually this is not all as the Espoos also went ahead and distributed "HTC press conference survival kits". Lets see what does HTC does. Being an HTC user I hope that HTC hits back with double force.
Here is the snapshot of the kit:

Remote for Humans!

The above news might sound like a spoof to you but the American Government's DARPA has made it a possibility.
According to the Department of Defense's recent blog post, the military is interested in developing remote control techniques using ultrasound... for soldiers. Arizona State University neuroscientist William Tyler has been working on the project for several years, and now, DARPA is getting involved as well. Tyler and his team have developed a transcranial pulsed ultrasound capable of stimulating brain circuits from outside of the brain, and it can target deeper parts of the brain than past devices. The prototypes are small enough to be placed inside of a helmet, and the plan is to improve its spatial resolution with DARPA's new infusion of funding.
The power of the instrument is such that if the soldier is standing in intense heat, it can make him feel as if he isn't feeling any heat or make a wounded soldier feel no pain. MAN! DO SOLDIERS NEED SUCH A PUNISHMENT? I  mean a wounded soldier is made to feel no pain so that he can fight to the last minute and die of the wound he didnt even know of.
  Or worse think what would happen if enemy got an access to all the chips. They can make the soldiers die of  pain that they dont really have! I just hope that the project is scrapped as it will cause much more harm than good

Monday, September 13, 2010


This was my situation when I was going back to Baroda from Surat. The train in which we had planned to travel by was an hour and a half  late   (Disaster begins!) . So we thought   "HA! we have another train who will stop us!?" and as it was some time for it to come, we went to the food-express and ordered for sandwiches.
     When the sandwhich we ordered for, arrived, we heard a whistle which unfortunately turned out to be of our train. WHAT NOW? Nothing i gave the sandwhich to my friend and ran for the train.  . When i reached the train, it turned out that the train  was jam-packed. I thought there would be people coming out of  the train and was still positive. Now, hopeful as i was, i went to the general compartment just to find out that the crowd outside it was the double of what it was inside.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant

 Just imagine you typing your search query and google displaying the result even before u complete typing it! Cool isn't it?

Well Google has just launched the service called Google Instant which does the same. It not only shows suggestions but also does an instant search by auto-completing ur  query. The service is just available in the US,UK,France and Russian domains as of now. Also it is available only if you have a google account.
      Well Google says that it is saving 2-3 seconds per search query and about 11 hours per second. The numbers may sound attractive but wonder what will happen if you have a slow connection. Well the Google solution to the problem is automatic disabling of the service for slow connections.wondering how many connections will support the service in  India
     The service is also now available on mobile browsers.

    Well the service is available if you have Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac and Internet Explorer     v8.
.   In case of mobiles, the mobiles having browsers supporting AJAX can use this service.

      Here is a snapshot of the google instant search. Me being in INDIA i still havent got a chance to test it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Effect Of Music

No here I am not talking about the effects of classical music on plant growth.The plants in my garden grow properly anyways!

Today, I am talking about the effect of music on us humans. I discovered the tremendous effect of music on me today during the train journey from home to hostel.
For the first half hour or so, i sat without music and was bored seeing the background and was wondering how i was able to live through the journey earlier times.
So to kill time i started to listen to music on my phone(wondering why i didnt do that straight away).
I was amazed by the effect that it produced in my thinking.
When there was a soothing music playing, i would look at the greenery outside and praise the nature. But if there would be a metal or Rock song playing, seeing the fields would make me run up the fields and keep running till my mind didnot calm down.

This was just the effect on my train journey(mind you, the light music inspired me to write the blog). Music also very necessary during the exam times. After ur exam if u hear to a Metal or a HardRock song, you will be able to get rid of some of your frustration. Also you can start afresh for the next exam.

Now is the turn of driving.
Oh c'mon you know how many horns are you able to hear if you play loud music(especially if it is a 4wheeler). Also if the music has high tempo, it will inspire you to drive fast. So please no loud music while driving.