Friday, July 8, 2011

Pixel Paint:what ,how and how much?

   Ever since I heard about jQuery, I wanted to use it,explore it and play with but due to some other reason(or in other words procrastination!) I was unable to do so. Finally, last Friday and set and learnt it from w3schools, the best available tutor I guess. Now, coming to the topic:
Well Pixel paint is an under development painting tool that I have created and uploaded to OpenWorld . You can try it there. The painting stuff is completely based on jQuery as that is what I wanted to practise while creating this. I will be adding more features as and when I am able to develop them. Currently, because of poor internet connectivity I am unable to add the latest eraser tool that I just created but anyways, the current pen tool is just fine.I think the tool is the best explanation of what it is.

Like I mentioned it above, I was learning jQuery and wanted to practise it. Coincidentally, Google+ came out the same week. With it's excellent UI and vibrant colors, it inspired me to add more color to what all stuff I made. I was thinking on what new animations could be done and suddenly light Bulb! The idea of an online painting tool just popped up to me.Making of the first version of Online Paint needed just 1 hour of jQuery designing and testing. A few more hours of designing and the first version was out! Coming to the next point:

How much?

As talked above, the version 0.2.3 had just dot painting facility, now the online version is 1.3.3 which has an addition of pen tool which enables you to draw lines. The one in my laptop is 2.4.3 which has the same UI but with an addition of eraser tool which is still a bit buggy, also one of the bugs of the previous versions have been removed. I wish to add a load more number of  features but I need to improve my skills and may eventually have to change the coding completely.

Anyways, that's all about Pixel paint that I can share with you right now. Will post more updates and will notify you people too!