Saturday, August 16, 2014

GUADEC 2014 report

 Thanks to the sponsorship by GNOME foundation, I was able to attend GUADEC 2014 held at Strasbourg, France. It was a great experience for me as I was attending a developer conference of such kind for the first time. There was a huge attendance for the talks with both the rooms having considerable audience for each and every talk.
  There were lots of talks in the conference and the ones that really interested me were how to sustain the open source projects and more on the philosophy side. I had been late at the AGM talk and had a hard time finding a chair! It was a huge participation in that one.
   The talk by Frederico Quintara on private and public keys became interesting as he gave a demo at the same time.
   The coffee room was constantly abuzz with people talking about Gtk+ and what not! and occasionally somebody would curse out loud because they broke something instead of fixing it :D It was a great environment and a really fun one to be in!
   The best part of GUADEC 2014 was the people that I met. I had been working with many of them for about 3 years now and finally got an opportunity to meet them. That felt great! Apart from them, I got to interact with people working on different modules and got ideas of integration of GTG with their modules and such.
    Overall it was a new and exciting experience for me and something that I would love to do more often if time permits.
  Only one feedback to the organizing committee: It would have been better if the lunch venue had been closer to the conference venue.