Monday, March 28, 2011

New animation I tried out today

    Right now I am busy working on a website with my friend where we are going to put up all the projects that we have made so far(Exciting !). Well, while making the sidebar for the creators page, I already added the animation of enlarging images(it's still clunky though :(  ) but anyways, there's some animation atleast.
   I thought of modifying my links aswell. I just had the color change effect and nothing else, so I came up with a new effect! I just changed the position of the image as it was hovered on!
  I added 'text-align:center' in the portion a:hover and it worked. You can try it out on my page in the site . The site is still under development so there is no meaning clicking on the links :( but keep in touch it will soon be available

Monday, March 21, 2011

Unique way of Checking Internet Availability

     I constantly try to improve my browser homepage. The most recent addition that I made was adding animation to the links. I had been using the icons of the webpages to show the links.Just using the icons bettered the appearance of the page but I wasn't satisfied (I never am! ). Anyways, so I added animation to the icons. I did not do something special but I just made the icon's size larger when the mouse hovered over it. This task can be done by simply adding this CSS:
.img hover
The initial height and width were 40 px each.

      Anyways, the main tweak that I made was to check the internet availability.Initially I put an i-frame of my blog and hence if the connection would not be available, it would be seen in the frame.But in this trick, if there was no internet connection, the page looked ugly. So, I thought of a new tweak. I put an image at the top of the page and the location of this image was not on my hard-drive but on the internet.In the alt part of the tag, I wrote down "You are not currently connected to the internet". 

<img src="" alt="You aren't connected to the internet" />

This tweak, showed my connection status at the top of the page and also, if there wasn't an internet connection, it didnot take away the look of the page.
     But, there is one problem with this technique, chrome doesnot show the alternate text(Why??) .I will find some unique solution for chrome as well but I won't promise anything. Anyways, I am loving this tweak in my firefox and IE browsers. Hope you will like it too.
   Happy coding!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chrome A more developer friendly browser

                   I support Mozilla firefox a lot because it is an open-source web-browser. Not saying that it is not good but Chrome is also good. There are many factors where Chrome beats firefox as a better browser. One of those aspects is how easy it is for developers to create new add-ons. Lets face it, The features in built in a browser are never enough for us. Most of us are using some or the other add-on. Thus, making it easy for developers to make new applications makes your browser tick more because you don't know how imaginative/innovative the developers are.
                  Chrome beats Mozilla hands down in this aspect. Mozilla has several add-ons but Chrome has better(thanks to Google) and more in number. The second point is because of the number of developers.
This year, as a part of my ACM project I thought of making some cool Mozilla add-on as I had never used Chrome before.But, while going through the tutorial , I was unable to complete even the sample add-on. After trying for 2-3 times more I gave up on it and eventually moved on and made a windows mobile application.
In December 2010, Google launched the chrome web-store and had a big event. So, I thought of trying out the browser and Wow! how great the feeling was when I went to the link for the webstore. It was full of amazing extensions and so many of them! After using it for a month or so, I got curious and wanted to make one extension for myself. So i went to the google code page for tutorials and found it ridiculously easy compared to the Firefox tutorial(Again thanks to Google).
                I went through different examples and within a week I had my first application ready!Now I have made another simple extension for searching the same term in different search engines and believe me it was very easy to make.No fuss of making several folders for manifest , chrome and xul. Just one folder and you are set.
              I would request the Mozilla people to make the add-on making process a little easier for developers.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Firefox 4 by default disables all tab preview Option

On the release of the firefox 4 beta 6, I had blogged about my reviews.But, recently many people were asking me about tab-candy feature of firefox 4. So just while exploring this feature I found out that Firefox had simply disabled one of it's features.
The tab preview option comes disabled by default in firefox 4.The reason maybe that there is already a tab-candy option, where you can do much more than just preview the tabs. The tab-candy feature being more important and dear to the firefox 4 team, they want to give more importance to it and hence have disabled the preview.
I am not against any such step, I just wanted to let everyone know that the tabs preview option still exists and can be enabled by going into about:config and double clicking on browser.allTabs.previews option.
I hope the post will be useful to atleast one or two people.Anyways, there will be more posts from me so stay tuned to this page!

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