Friday, July 27, 2012

cenv: create your own environments

     Everytime I start coding for GTG, I have to start terminal, nautilus and a browser(in case of bugs ;) ). For a lazy person like me, this is a very boring task. Hence i just came up with an easy solution : environment creator which takes a set of your tasks and turns them into a linux command.
     With all the tasks done in just one go, I can consider it to be a productivity enhancing tool (though it's primary purpose was to help lazy bums like me :P ). All sorts of work environments can be created with this tool. You can have one called "work" which like mine, starts terminal with vim/gedit, nautilus and browser. You can keep one for home which could maybe contain nautilus with your songs folder opened up, a music player, a todo list manager if you have one etc.
     Another added advantage for this tool, is that you can create macros for yourself. Say you have a habit of backing up your files to your external device regularly, you can just create an environment called "backup" with all the copy commands. Heck, you can even add one environment inside another environment because these all are actually turned into linux commands only!
     Right now I have features like "new", "remove" , "rename", "edit" etc. but further more features will come up in a week of 2. The very basic version is ready and I plan to launch the version 0.1 by next Saturday.
     Here is the link to the homepage of the launchpad project:
     I'll let others contribute to the code after the launch of version 0.1

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