Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How random can people think?

    Since, I have been doing some research work at college these past 2 months. I have been getting several weird ideas of surveys and testing stuff
    I first tested my laptop's performance with 100% power usage. Will share the results in the next post. Now I want to know how random can people think.
   We may think that we are selecting some random number but always there is a certain number which comes to our minds first. For example, when giving math problems to my mom's students I often selected the numbers 23 and 32. Don't know why. Also, there will be a number which is a common favorite of the mass and is bound to come often in the survey. Lets see the result.
   Here is the link to the form. You just have to enter 5 randomly chosen numbers. Don't take too long to think the random number. Just type the first 5 that come to your mind!

   Will share the results next week


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